Aluminium Die Cast Body: Compact, tough body.
Alloy steel gears: Precision cut spur gears ensure smooth and efficient operation with reduced noise.
Grade 80 load chain: Provides added strength, wear resistance, longer chain life.
Hooks: Forged hook, free swivelling with safety latch. Bottom hook with thrust bearing.
Wrong Phase Protector: Wrong Phase Protector protects the motor in case of wrong phase position.
Limit Switches: Stop hoist at both ends of hook path.
Motor: Squirrel cage induction motor.
Panel: Built in panel with IP-55 protection.
Control Pendent Button: Durable, waterproof, light weight with IP-55 protection. For extra safety emergency stop button provided.
Powder Coated finish: For added rust protection and better aesthetic look.
Interchangeability of Parts: Reduces inventory.

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